Dry Clean Recommended 

Oscar Rossa silk sleepwear uses the best quality 19 momme silk charmeuse fabric. Silk charmeuse is soft, supple and lustrous. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish, lustrous and reflective, and the back side has a dull finish.

Dry clean is recommended for silk sleepwear in order to keep the luster of silk charmeuse. Hand wash can be done, but this will result in slight dulling of the front side on silk charmeuse. Ironing may be used to iron out wrinkles after the hand wash and may bring back some of the sheen to the front side.


Hand Wash Silk Clothes in Cold Water

Few fabrics feel as luxurious as silk.  However, this delicate fiber needs to be treated with particular care for its proper maintenance.

Dry cleaning may not be your only option for washing them.  Hand washing silk clothing is often an acceptable alternative.

You have to hand wash silk clothes rather than flinging them along with your other clothes in the washing machine. Also, colored silk needs to be hand washed separately from white silk. Hand washing silk allows you to wash it delicately, which a machine wash does not permit.

Do not put silk garments in the washing machine or dryer as this may damage the delicate silk fabric.

The rich colors of silk can often bleed, so don’t be surprised to see color bleeding in the water when you wash.

Fill a clean sink or small tub with cold water and a small amount of gentle liquid detergent, lightly agitate for three to five minutes and rinse well.

After rinsing, gently squeeze out excess water. Never twist or wring out silk garments, doing so can damage the fabric.

 hand wash



Never Spot-treat Silk

Rubbing one area of silk can cause lightening in just that spot. For moderate stain removal, especially ones in the middle of a pattern, wash the entire garment. Dark or unsightly stains should be taken to a dry cleaner.


Hang Dry

Hanging your silk clothes directly under sunlight will make it appear dull and faded. As silk is extremely soft and delicate, after washing it should be dried in a place well-protected from direct heat. Hence, a cool, shady area is the ideal place to dry your silk. It will keep the material bright and shiny. Hang to dry on a padded hanger.  Avoid the Dryer.

 hang dry silk



Use a Low Setting on Your Iron

Focus on Steam, Not Heat. To iron silk without damaging it, it’s crucial that you use the lowest heat setting on your iron. Many irons have an actual silk setting, in which case this is the best way to go. Simply lay the garment flat on the ironing board, place the press cloth on top, and then iron. You can also use a handkerchief, pillowcase, or hand towel instead of a press cloth.  Silk is best ironed when slightly damp.

Correct Ironing:   

Lay a large clean white cotton sheet across your ironing board. Creating a white cotton barrier will prevent colors from other fabrics from leaching onto your silk.

Turn the silk inside out. You will always want to iron on the backside of the silk fabric.   

Lay a natural white cotton press cloth on top of the area you are going to start ironing.

Press the iron plate to the surface of the cloth. Move the iron around the fabric. Never leave it in one place too long, or you risk burning the fabric.

Lift the press cloth up and replace it on the next section that needs to be iron. When you have completed ironing the whole surface, hang the silk on a hanger and allow it to dry for a few minutes before wearing it or storing it.

 silk iron


silk ironing correct way



Garment Steamer is a Better Choice for Silk

Garment steamer, a simple, fast, and efficient way to keep your silk clothes wrinkle- and crease-free.  Most wrinkles in silk can simply be steamed out.

A garment steamer uses a jet of steam to eliminate wrinkles and creases from your silk clothes. You do not have to apply scorching heat, which may damage your silk garments.

The steamer does not touch your garments. It is ideal for delicate silk fabrics.

You can use a steamer to remove wrinkles from clothes which are difficult to iron. You can easily smooth out pleats, sleeves, and ruffles.

  garment steaming


Take Care of the Delicate Silk and Enjoy the Wonderful Silk

Correct care will ensure that your silk products can last longer time without losing their quality. A few important rules need to be observed as silk is a natural fiber and cannot be treated as synthetic fiber.

Please pay special attention to the following instructions:

  • Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant
  • Never bleach silk
  • Never expose silk to direct sunlight for longer periods of time
  • Don't spray silk with water while ironing
  • Don't treat individual stains with water
  • Always iron the backside only or use garment steamer.
  • Never wring dry

All OSCAR ROSSA silk sleepwear are in genuine 100% Mulberry Silk at highest quality level.
• It is not accurate to judge whether a fabric is silk or polyester only by hand feeling. Polyester can be finished softer than silk; silk can be a little rough compared to the polyester. It depends on the fabric finishing.
• Silk is very delicate fabric, not comparable to cotton or polyester in strength. If it is made too soft during production, the delicate silk fabric will be much easier to incur ripples or even split during long time use if the wearer keeps on pulling it especially in the areas of armholes and crotches. So, silk should NOT be finished extremely soft with this consideration in order to last longer. And it is also recommended to order a little bigger size so that the body can have enough room to move easily without keeping on stretching the delicate silk fabric.
• All Oscar Rossa silk has extra anti-split finishing procedure during fabric processing. This special procedure will make the delicate silk fabric more durable to use, although it may compromise a little bit on the softness. In the meantime, the silk fabric was processed as soft as possible. As time goes by, it will become softer and more comfortable after absorbing moisture during use.

OSCAR ROSSA silk washing instructions.
• Dry clean recommended. Dry clean is recommended for silk sleepwear to keep the luster of silk charmeuse. Hand wash can be applied, but it will result in slight dulling of the satin side. Ironing the silk sleepwear after hand wash can help to bring back some of the shining to the satin side.
• Or hand wash with like colors in cool water. Gentle detergent.
• Do not bleach. Do not wring or twist.
• The rich colors of silk may often bleed, so don’t be surprised to see color bleeding in the water when you wash especially in the first a couple of washing.
• Hang dry in shade. Do not put silk garments in the washing machine or dryer as this may damage the delicate silk fabric.
• Garment steaming or cool iron as necessary.

Take Care of Delicate Silk and Enjoy Luxury Oscar Rossa Silk Sleepwear.

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