OSCAR ROSSA Women's Silk Sleepwear 100% Silk Charmeuse Short Robe Kimono, Plum Blossom & Bird

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Luxury 16 momme mulberry silk charmeuse robe with kimono collar, two side pockets, inside ties, nice french seam finish, back neck loop for easy hanging and matching belt.  

Proud to offer two size options, M/L fits up to 43" chest and hip,  XL/XXL fits up to 55" chest and hip. The model wears M/L size. Model information: Height 5'9",  Bust 34", Waist 26", Hip 36".  Length at around 38".

Dry clean recommended, or hand wash with like colors in cool water. Gentle detergent. Hang dry in shade. Do not bleach. Do not wring or twist. Garment steaming or cool iron on reverse side as necessary. 

The plum blossom symbolizes perseverance, courage and strength because the plum flower blooms vibrantly even amidst the harsh winter snow. As its own genre of paintings and poems, plum blossom reflects the noble spirit of the artist through the flower with the representation of renewal, heralds of spring and hope. Plum Blossom & Bird copyrighted for Oscar Rossa. 

Affordable Luxury Genuine Silk Sleepwear from Oscar Rossa.

All OSCAR ROSSA silk sleepwear are in genuine 100% Mulberry Silk at highest quality level.
• It is not accurate to judge whether a fabric is silk or polyester only by hand feeling. Polyester can be finished softer than silk; silk can be a little rough compared to the polyester. It depends on the fabric finishing.
• Silk is very delicate fabric, not comparable to cotton or polyester in strength. If it is made too soft during production, the delicate silk fabric will be much easier to incur ripples or even split during long time use if the wearer keeps on pulling it especially in the areas of armholes and crotches. So, silk should NOT be finished extremely soft with this consideration in order to last longer. And it is also recommended to order a little bigger size so that the body can have enough room to move easily without keeping on stretching the delicate silk fabric.
• All Oscar Rossa silk has extra anti-split finishing procedure during fabric processing. This special procedure will make the delicate silk fabric more durable to use, although it may compromise a little bit on the softness. In the meantime, the silk fabric was processed as soft as possible. As time goes by, it will become softer and more comfortable after absorbing moisture during use.
• Benefit of Silk: Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics because of its natural protein structure. It contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids including the protein albumen. Silk proves beneficial to those with sensitive skin conditions.

OSCAR ROSSA silk washing instructions.
• Dry clean recommended. Dry clean is recommended for silk sleepwear to keep the luster of silk charmeuse. Hand wash can be applied, but it will result in slight dulling of the satin side. Ironing the silk sleepwear after hand wash can help to bring back some of the shining to the satin side.
• Or hand wash with like colors in cool water. Gentle detergent.
• Do not bleach. Do not wring or twist.
• The rich colors of silk may often bleed, so don’t be surprised to see color bleeding in the water when you wash especially in the first a couple of washing.
• Hang dry in shade. Do not put silk garments in the washing machine or dryer as this may damage the delicate silk fabric.
• Garment steaming or cool iron as necessary.

Oscar Rossa silk sleepwear uses the best quality 19 momme silk charmeuse fabric. Silk charmeuse is soft and lustrous with the front side in satin finish and back side in dull finish.

Take Care of Delicate Silk and Enjoy Luxury Oscar Rossa Silk Sleepwear.
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